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floor safety system

Three revolutionary technologies working together

Combined technologies

i-matt is an extended duration, clean-in-place walk-off mat that vastly improves floor safety and ease of cleaning.

i-mop’s superior cleaning performance can be applied seamlessly to the i-matt.

Adding i-protect HDD with aXonnite® to your cleaning protocol gets mats even cleaner and helps prevent recontamination to make future cleaning easier and faster.

Proprietary adhesive backing

Stays in place while cleaning

Instead of wasting time and money moving mats out of the way, clean your floors with i-matt in place. It stays put up to 12 weeks!

The proprietary adhesive backing allows i-matt to stay in place while you clean.

You can i-mop right over its low profile, durable, quick-drying surface and never move a heavy, dirty carpeted mat again!

Water puddles on rubber-backed mats and gets tracked on your floors

Water wicks and spreads out for fast drying with the innovative i-matt

EFM Absorbent Technology

Keep floors cleaner all day

i-matt’s walk-off coverage captures water and dirt at the door to keep floors cleaner all day long.

Thick, bulky rental mats don’t absorb, so water just puddles on the surface.

i-matt with EFM™ Absorbent Technology (Entangled Fibre Matrix) is different. Super-thin material spreads out water so the mat dries fast. And the interlocking fibres trap dirt to prevent it from being tracked in.

Super-thin absorbent material

Reduce slip hazards

Wet floors are slip hazards. i-matt’s super-thin absorbent material captures water and spreads it out so the mat dries fast, keeping floors dry and safe. Its adhesive backing means the mat never bunches up, ripples or shifts, plus it has a slip-resistance rating of R13 — both dramatically reducing slip and fall claims by up to 90%.

Better for everyone

Whether you’re a member of the cleaning team, an employee in the building, the owner of the business or a customer passing through, i-matt makes your life easier. No rubber-backed mats to move for cleaning. No rippled mats to trip over. No shifting mats that give off a sloppy appearance. i-matt is neat, clean, safe and attractive.

Unique technologies of i-mop and i-protect

Reduce environmental impact

Keep harsh laundering chemicals out of the water supply and reduce your environmental impact by 92% with i-matt. When you send rubber-backed mats out for cleaning, there are hefty environmental costs. The petroleum burned and pollution created from transportation, the use of harsh chemicals and the large amount of water required for cleaning. With i-matt, you’ll clean in place using the unique technologies of i-mop and i-protect. Not only will you achieve an unbeatable, long-lasting deep cleaning with this system, you’ll also ensure every ounce of chemical and every drop of water used will count.

Technical Specifications

Fluids Absorbed
Temperature Limit
Roll of 3 precut sections, each 91.5cm x 3m (36” x 10’)
Oils, Coolants, Solvents & Water
Up to 30 L per roll
Surface temperatures from 13°C – 49°C
Absorbent – Polypropylene; Adhesive Backing – Proprietary Adhesive Material

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