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i-power and i-charger

mobile battery technology

Liberation from the cord

No more wasting time looking for power outlets

Just turn it on and go

The complete freedom of movement wherever, whenever makes your cleaning routine way more efficient.

For instance, the process of cleaning a hotel with a vacuum cleaner means that you have to unwind, plug in, plug out and rewind the cord in every room. This process costs you 30 seconds every time.

A hotel with 20 rooms adds up to € 1000 savings per year.

Outstanding cleaning results

Battery powered machines at your disposal

Having a whole fleet of battery-powered machines at your disposal without compromising on power helps you get outstanding cleaning results in a very efficient manner.

Floor scrubber battery charger


Our i-chargers are made to charge the i-power batteries in a short amount of time. Our quick exchange i-power battery system make our battery powered machines a real cleaning workforce. With 2 sets of i-power batteries you can continuously clean 24/7.

Two chargers 

Waiting for your i-power batteries to charge is a thing of the past. We have developed two types of chargers the ‘i-charge 2 and 9’ depending on your charging needs. You can charge your batteries up to 4 times quicker with the i-charge 9!


Space is in short supply these days. We should not waste a single inch when it comes to the limited storage space we have. That’s why we thought: why not use a vertical option for charging your batteries? Now you can easily attach, hook-up, and power your batteries without losing space!

Prevents unnecessary power consumption

Lowering impact on the environment

Our charger stops charging when a battery is fully loaded preventing unnecessary power consumption. Our battery management system ensures longevity of i-power further lowering the impact on the environment.

No trailing cables to cause hazards

Improve health and safety

With no trailing cables to cause hazards, battery powered cleaning machines greatly improve health and safety.

Better for everyone

With extensive and impressive run times, and minimal charge times, i-power offers a reliable power source that is ideal for a range of cleaning products working throughout the day.

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