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i-vac 30UR
commercial vacuum
In for a smooth ride

Flat operation

The i-vac 30UR can operate completely flat, so you can reach all of these hard-to-reach spots such as under furniture, desks, equipment, or any other obstacles.

Reach high places

The i-vac 30UR has a telescopic wand to easily reach high areas and provide an ergonomic way of operating the machine.

Easy repair and replacement

Quick disconnect of upper body from the motor deck for easy repair and replacement. To make your life easier, we added a detachable power cord. No technical support needed.


Patented Whizzo indicator: It makes a loud high tone when the bag is full or the vacuum is clogged. Additionally, it supplies the motor with cooling air to avoid temperature peaks.

Technical Specifications

Weight of product
Size body (l x w x h)
Hose length
Cable length
Diameter of tools
Motor power
8.3 kg
34 x 31 x 70 cm
220 cm
1200 cm
6 L
35 mm
110 V, 115 V, 230 V, 240 V
1000 W
Brush speed
Cleaning path
Sound level
Water lift/suction
Air flow
Detachable cord
Material machine
3000 RPM
30 cm
69 dBA
2000 mm
32 L/sec
Indoor, dry
1 year